Youngest Ever Driver Enters National DriftCup Series with Prodrift Academy UK!


Max Cotton is the Youngest Driver in History to enter the National DriftCup series after completing all 10 levels of the Prodrift Academy Drift Training program.


Max is now partnering with the Academy in his first season of National Drift Competitions.

Aged just 12 when Max started his training at the Prodrift Academy UK Headquarters, Birmingham Wheel Park, he has studied regually on both the Virtual and Reality training packages and is now heading off to DriftCup 2019 to challenge himself with a long term goal to become a Professional International Drift Driver.

Max Cotton told us “I am so excited to have gained a place to enter DriftCup and I am excited to be representing Prodrift Academy in my first full competitive season. Drifting has been my dream for some time and I am looking forward to putting my new skills into practise and hoping to bring home some trophies with the team’.


Max’s father Dean said “Its been an unbelievable journey for Max, from his background in Karting to where he is today, all he wants to be is a Professional Drift Driver and with the support of the Prodrift Academy we are starting to see that this dream is actually possible. I am a very proud Father right now and I am looking forward to seeing Max at the first round and hope he can continue the success that we saw during his kart racing days!’


Tom Hutchison, the UK Operations Manager for Prodrift Academy has spent a lot of time working with the Cottons on this project, ‘Max certainly has good car control skills, its has been a pleasure to work with him over the last year and we are now starting to see the potential being released. I wish Max all the best for the coming season and I look forward to seeing his results shape up with the teams support. These new, young drivers coming through the academy are really going to shake up the sport, its terrific to see the fresh blood coming in. Max has done exceptionally well and it has been great to watch Father and Son working so hard together towards a common goal, Go Max, bring home the silverware!’.