Drift Driftland


Rookie Training

Starting from scratch, we will provide our students with the essential, basic drift techniques, required to start your journey towards becoming a Professional Drifter.

Course Video:


Drift a Corner (Layout 1, Driftland Hairpins)

Ignition – Our Level 1 Ignition training is the first steps towards professional training and covers;

– Initiating a drift
– Balancing the car and exiting safely
– Working towards the line required for optimum point scoring

Course Content: Handbrake Initiation, Counter Steer, Throttle Balance, Full Corner Drift, Outer Clipping point to Inner Clipping point, Exiting a Drift Under Control.



Drift Line to Transition (Layout 1, Driftland Hairpins)

The Prodrift Academy UK Level 2 course takes the skills our students have learned from Level 1 and builds on them focusing on;

– Precision and consistency with the Drift Line.
– Focus on the line clipping points to enable you to line up the transition to take you into the next corner.

Course Content: Drift line, Positioning the Car Mid Drift, Inner and Outer Clipping point, Transition.



Extension, Consistency and Graduation (Layout 1, Driftland Hairpins)

Level 3 Builds on the skills learnt throughout Level’s 1 and 2 and combines them in order to master the key skills required to move onto the faster layouts. We focus more on the critical aspects of drift technique;

– Weight transfer.
– Extension and learning how multiple consecutive transitions affect the handling of the car while drifting.

In order to progress to the Amatuer levels you will have to prove an understanding of all the techniques and demonstrate a level of consistency applying them in our Professional Drift Training Nissan 350z’s.

Course Content: Drift line, Transition, Inertia, Weight Transfer, Extension, Throttle Control, Acceleration, Deceleration, Consistency.


Amateur Training

In the amateur training program, our students progress from our technique based training layout to the next level, where you will carry more speed and angle, this requires increased precision. The Amateur track layout enables pupils to apply the techniques from Rookie onto the higher speed more advanced technical track layout.

Course Video:


Speed entries (Layout 2, Driftland Center Track)

As a student, throughout this level you will learn how to initiate the car at speed, control the drift mid-corner with the throttle balance techniques to create a consistent line around the first corner using an outside clipping point.

– Students progress and achieve a level of drifting consistency at a higher speed
– Learning to adapt your developing drift technique to a new layout
– Your reaction times are going to be put to the test as the grip levels and speed increase.

Course Content: Drift line, inertia, weight transfer, extension, throttle control, Grip moderation.



Transition (Layout 2, Driftland, Center Track)

Students will extend the first corner and learn to transition a car at speed before using the grip and angle of the car to slow down through the transition and stay on line.

Course Content: Drift Line, Precision, Transition / Manji, Grip moderation, Speed, Inertia.


Full Lock Manji. (Layout 2, Driftland Center Track)

The final step on our Amateur training program, students are now ready to complete the amateur course layout through 4 proximity zones. At Level 6 we now work with you on consistently drifting the full track. As a student you will learn the following;

– How to extend a drift in a straight line, a technique called MANJI – which is using the full width of the track to transition onto several clips.
– You will also learn how to adjust the speed and slow down using the car’s steering angle.

Course Content: Drift line, Manji, Deceleration, Braking Whilst Drifting, Line Correction, Throttle Control, Grip Level, Graduation.

Semi-Pro Training

During Semi-Pro Training we focus on a track layout that would simulate a Semi-Pro competition such as DriftCup. As our pupils you will need to drift a fast track layout that includes more advanced and technical layouts including wall run initiations. Demonstration of technique and Line is key to graduation at this point in training.


Wall Run Entry – (Driftland Center Track 2)

– Faster and Higher Levels of Control are required as we begin to introduce high speed Initiations into a wall run.
– As with any professional championship a driver must know how to position his/her car, inch perfect. This technique is essential for competition drifting.


Full throttle transition

You will learn how to apply the techniques achieved so far in order to progress from the full corner into a high angle, faster transition. Using momentum of the car to transition from lock to lock while applying full throttle to extend it into the second corner, precisely, onto the inside clipping point.

– Power transition
– Momentum
– Advanced Line

Course info: Wall initiation, Brake modulation, throttle adjustment, wall run, throttle control, angle modulation.


Drift Event Practice – (Driftland Center Track 2)

Our Level 9 students prepare to progress into the Professional world of Drifting;

– Learning consistency, speed and correct line on the entire Semi-Pro Track to aim for high qualifying scores, this course will simulate a Drift competition where you will have to achieve two consecutive qualifying runs to simulate a real time competition.

– Runs are now also timed, this enables you to work on grip and speed to gauge your progress and see if you would be fast enough to keep up in a Twin Drift, Chase Car Position.

– Speed Trap entries during graduation.

Professional Training


Professional – British Drift Championship Track Layout!

The End of Training Boss Level – Professional level 10 is the Final Stage of our Training Program. You will follow in the steps of Martin Wonnacott, Team Prodrift Driver , The Winner of Round 2 of the British Drift Championship on this exact same layout during the 2019 Season. We will teach you the core attributes of Professional Drifting, including;

– Driver Management
– Driver Presentation
– Sponsorship
– Team Management etc.

Completing with a Final Track Assessment at the Driftland Circuit where they will have to demonstrate the ability to score a Top 16 Qualifying Score.

A High-Speed Initiation onto a Fast Sweeping Corner, into a “Dog leg” which leads onto a Transition back towards the infamous Driftland Wall!