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Starting from scratch, we will provide our students with the essential, basic drift techniques, required to start your journey towards becoming a Professional Drifter.

Rookie Training –


LEVEL 1: Drift a Corner (Track 1 Skidpad)                                                                                    Drift Prepared Mazda MX5

Starting with the most important basic drift techniques, Level 1 has been designed to provide students with the essential techniques required to become a drifter.

Course content: Handbrake initiation, Counter Steer, Throttle Balance, Full Corner Drift, Outer line, Inner Clipping Point

LEVEL 2: Drift Line to Transition (Track 1 Skidpad)                                                                 Drift Prepared Mazda MX5

The Prodrift Academy’s Level 2 course takes the skills our student have learned from Level 1 ad builds on them focusing on precision and consistency with Drift Line. Here we see the introduction of clipping point, inside and outside which leads into the downhill transition.

Course Content: Drift line, Positioning the Car Mid Drift, Inner and Outer Clipping point, Transition

LEVEL 3: Extension. Consistency and Graduation (Track 1 Skidpad)                                Drift Prepared Mazda MX5

Level 3 transition utilises the skills learned throughout the Level’s 1 and 2 ad combines them in order to master the Level 3 course. Here we focus on two of the most important aspects of drift technique weight transfer and extension.

Course Content: Drift line, Transition, Inertia, Weight Transfer, Extension, Throttle Control, Wall Run (‘soft wall’), Scrubbing Speed, Consistency

Graduation ceremony for completing the rookie training program.


Amateur Training- (Track 2 Drift Arena) –                                                                                     Drift Prepared Nissan 350z

amateur temp

In the amateur training program, our students now progress from our technique training track to the Drift Arena with a competitive track layout, stepping into higher spends on a dry surface and into advance training cars with the objective of learning how to apply the techniques from Rookie onto high speed and grip levels.

LEVEL 4: Drift Arena (Track 2 Drift Arena)                                                                                  Drift Prepared Nissan 350z

At level 4, the student has progressed to achieve a level of drifting consistency on our drift technique track. They will now have to adapt their drift technique to a new high grip surface. Reaction times will now be put to the test as the grip levels increase.

Through this level the drive will learn how to initiate the car in high speed, control the drift mid-corner with the throttle balance techniques to create a consistent line around the first corner using an outside clipping point.

Course Content: Drift Line, Inertia, Weight Transfer, Extension, Throttle Control, Grip Moderation. 

LEVEL 5: High Speed Transition (Track 2 Drift Arena)                                                            Drift Prepared Nissan 350z

At level 5 the student will extend the first corner and learn to transition a car in high seed using the grip of the car to speed up through the transition.

In addition to using the first corner’ clipping point, we added a “touch and go” section to simulate a wall tap, which will require the drive to transition at a specific time. This will teach the importance of timing of the transitions to reach the proximity zones focusing on finding speed through grip.

Course Content: Drift Line, Precision, Transition, Grip Moderation, Speed

LEVEL 6: Drift Arena Gradation (Grip and Speed, Track 2)                                                   Drift Prepared Nissan 350z

The final step on our Amateur training program, students are now ready to complete the amateur course layout through proximity zones. At level6 we now work on consistency drifting the full track whilst finding the techniques to complete the track as fast as possible using the car’s grip.

Course Content: Drift line, Deceleration, Line Correction, Throttle Control, Grip Level.


LEVEL 7: Wall Run (Track 3 Oval)                                                                                                      Drift Prepared Nissan 350z


In level 7 the course will change for a third time as we begin to introduce high speed transitions onto a wall run (coned wall). As with any professional championship a driver number know how to position his/her car along a wall without crashing. This technique is essential for competition drifting.

Course Content: Wall Initiation, Brake Modulation, Throttle Adjustment, Wall Run, Throttle Control

LEVEL 8: Lock-2-Lock Transition (Track 3, Oval)                                                                      Drift Prepared Nissan 350z

The students learn how to use the techniques learned so far in order to progress from the full corner into a high angle transition to learn how to use the momentum of the car to transition from lock to lock while using the proximity zones to achieve the correct line.

Course Content: Wall Initiation, Brake Modulation, Throttle Adjustment, Wall Run, Throttle Control, Angle Modulation

LEVEL 9: Drift Event                                                                                                                               Drift Prepared Nissan 350z

In level 9 the student will prepare to progress into the Professional world of drifting, Learning consistency, speed and correct line to achieve high qualifying scores, this course will simulate a Drift competition where the student will have to achieve two consecutive qualifying runs to simulate a real time competition.

Course Content: Drift Line, Transition, Inertia, Weight Transfer, Extension, Throttle Control, Wall Run (“soft wall”), Scrubbing Speed, Consistency

Professional –

LEVEL 10: Professional Drift Championship Track Layout                                          Professional Spec Drift Prepared Nissan 350z


The Professional level is the final stage of our training program. Students will learn the core attributes of professional drifting including driver management, driver presentation, sponsorship, team management etc. before a final track assessment at the Teeside Autodrome BDC circuit layout.

A high speed initiation, double right with extension transition followed by 2 fast transitions. A professional drift layout for a professional drift driver.

The Prodrift Academy UK Headquarters Training Facility is BIRMINGHAM RACEWAY

Located on Adderley Road South, 10 minutes away from the city centre, B8 1AD

Alternatively you can type “Prodrift Academy UK” into Google maps.

*Please avoid entering the site using Venetia Road as this will bring you to the back entrance which is no longer accessible by road*